Preventative Dentistry

Dentistry has come a long way since the days of dental breakdown, repair, dental breakdown, repair, again and again! Through the use of preventative dental techniques we are able to avoid the breakdown repair syndrome. Prevention begins in our office with preventative care (teeth cleaning) appointment and an in office fluoride application. The teeth are then restored (if necessary) to their proper function giving more self confidence and “believe it” to stay younger looking. Special emphasis placed on having a rewarding cosmetic smile! Proper home oral hygiene instructions are taught to stop future breakdown, then sealants are placed on the teeth and home fluoride is prescribed to prevent new decay problems! Regularly scheduled re-care (preventative care) appointments are scheduled to carefully monitor your oral health and guard against further major costly dental problems. Our caring Dr. Izzo and staff are committed to teaching and answering any questions you may have on how to avoid re-doing dental work time and time again. This program will maintain your health and smile for a lifetime! You, the patient, benefit by saving your precious time and money!

With this kind of service in our office we need a constant flow of new patients. When you refer friends and loved ones you can be confident modern services will be given. The best dentistry in the world is found in the United States and our office is an example of such care! Remember, dentistry is not expensive, neglect of your teeth is very harmful and expensive.